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Nissan SR20DET Engine (SR20DE, SR20VE) | Turbo, specs, oil

SR20DET Red top is 205 HP at 6,000 RPM, torque 274 m at 4,000 RPM. This engine was used for Nissan Bluebird and Nissan 180SX (Silvia S13). SR20DET Red top is a more powerful version, produced since 1990 to 1994. Compression ratio is abated to 8.3. Also it uses Garrett T28 (TB2804) turbocharger, boost pressure has increased to 10.5 psi (0.72 bar).

Which one to choose between S13 redtop/blacktop (flat head) …

TOPIC: Which one to choose between S13 redtop/blacktop (flat head) SR20det and S14/S15 (hump head, with intake NVCS) SR20det The question: ... -SR20det blacktop S14 (hump head): with intake NVCS, new cyl head intake/exh port design (due to stricter emission regulation, nissan designers design it this way, it highly reduces NOx emission but ...

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sr20det redtop vs blacktop? - Driftworks Forum

sr20det redtop vs blacktop? Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by mitsi_matt, Nov 27, 2008. mitsi_matt dorihomo. Joined: Dec 5, 2005 Posts: 2,364 Likes Received: 1 Location: overturned in a hedgerow! bought a s14a blacktop tonight with it in mind to forge n stroke, for my 180sx what differences are there between then is it just vvt? what ...

All you need to know about SR20DET tuning - TorqueCars

SR20DET has lots of potential for your tuning project." ... S13 Black top - (Garrett T25G turbo) S13 Red top - (Garrett T25G turbo) 370cc injectors were used. S14 Black top -Variable Cam Timing or VCT was introduced on the intake cam (Garrett T28 journal bearing turbo for Australian and Eu markets and Garrett T28 Ball Bearing turbo for the ...

SR20DET's and all their versions? teach me! | Driftworks Forum

1. Location: Dorset. sil80 has the redtop straight cam non vvt engine. 180 has bent cam black top s14/s14a s15 engine with vvt. look at the cam cover, at the back you will see that the one with the cam cover that slopes down at the back hence bent cam. doesnt really have a bent cam just its nick name. also you can see they have different inlet ...

Black Top or Red Top? - SR20 Forum

The Redtop is cheapper stick with that. Blacktop is a six speed tranny and yes it has a little more power than the redtop, but the Redtop can make the same power as the blacktop. I would say if you are going to get a S14 and have the money for a Blacktop, then get it. If money is a issue Get the a s13 with a redtop.

SR20DE - SR20DET differences..

S14 SR20DET comes in two types: blacktop 94-96, blacktop 97-98 S15 SR20DET comes in one type: 99-02 blacktop. The 91-96 S13 SR are all the same, the 96-98 ones have slightly different electronics but is mechanically the same as the rest of the S13 SR.

240sx: S13 Red Top vs. S13 Black Top – The differences

The changes/advantages of the s13 Blacktop:*. -Newer. -Usually lower mileage. -Usually about $500 more expensive (because its newer) -Minor ECU changes 96-98 (interchangeable with all s13 ECU's) -Minor wire harness changes. -Larger Oxygen Sensor (still narrow band, no performance gain) There seems to be a misconception that S13 black tops ...

S13 Redtop/Blacktop Parts Reference Guide and Crossover list

Happy researching, and if anything IS NOT correct, please respond so I can correct it. Crossover Parts for S13 Redtop: Exhaust Manifold Gasket: B15 Sentra SR20. T25 Turbo gaskets: '90-'95 300ZX TT T25 gaskets (note turbo to O2 housing gasket dose not fit on S13 T25) O2 sensor: '87 300ZX Turbo. Ignitor chip: '95 Q45.

whats the difference between sr20det (red top) and (black top)

whats the difference between sr20det (red top) and (black top) One is red, the other is black.... :rofl: publicenemy137. 06-12-2004, 10:07 AM. RedTops were in the 89-93 models and the BlackTops were in the 94-98 models, domething like that, I think the only major difference is lower mileage. But then there's the S14 Blacktop which has VVT and ...

Nissan SR20DET Engine Guide - Tuning Pro

For better turbo support, the second-gen Red Top also featured a lower compression ratio, dropped to 8.3:1. The result was a Red Top SR20DET that produced 230 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque. Black Top. The "Black Top" variant of the SR20DET took the reins from the outgoing Red Top variant in 1994 and continued to power Nissans until 2002.

SR20DET Specs – DC Auto Parts

S14 SR20DET's use a different ECU and harness, these are extremely expensive and hard to find. Variable valve timing system and a different turbo are the significant changes from the S13 SR20DET engines. The S13 uses a "low port" intake design vs. the S14 "high port" design. Performance: The stock turbo will be safe to 13-15 psi.

Difference between Blacktop and Redtop SR's?

GENERALY speaking redtop is what people call straight cam sr20 engines without vvt and blacktop= VVT sr20 however worth pointing out later straight cam (or redtop if you call them that) actually came with black rocker covers, so dont get confused. better way to describe them is bent cam or straight cam #6 initial_j, Jul 11, 2011

SR20DET Red-Top and Black-Top specifications - NICOclub

Black-Top S14 SR20DET Silvia 95-98. Horsepower: 220hp at 6000rpmTorque: 203 ft/lbs at 4800rpmTurbo specs: Compressor: T-28, 60 trim, 60 mm BCI-1 compressor in T-04B housingTurbine: T-25, 62 trim 53.8mm 0.64 A/R turbine housing.Center section: Ball Bearing. Variable valve timing system and a different turbo are the significant changes from the ...

Red Top vs Black Top | SR20 Forum

- The black top from JDM S14 has 58mm throttle body vs 60mm in red top. - The red top has T25 turbo while black top has a ball bearing T28 that spools faster but I don't know whether it flows much better. I think the difference in both engine isn't much significant.

SR20DET red top vs black top - Nissan Forum | Nissan …

The s13 red and blacktop are exactly the same as far as specifications. The valve covers are different colors (obviously) and the blacktop is a newer engine (96-98 I think) where a redtop was produced from 91-93. The S14 blacktop has 20 more HP. It has VVT, a different turbo (T-28) and low-port rather then high-port intake design. Top rbsileighty

s13/s14 sr20det | SR20 Forum

Joined Oct 19, 2004. 1,952 Posts. #5 · Dec 24, 2004 (Edited) The S13 blacktop has better internals in it. The S13 blacktop and redtop are otherwise the same (apart from wiring differences in the J7 ecu'd versions) The S14 blacktop has a T28, VVT ... makes 217 hp (220 ps) and has 370cc injectors.

What's the advantages/dis between Red/BlackTop SR20DET's

S13 redtop and S13/180sx blacktop are mechanically identical. The blacktop is newer. S14 blacktop has a hump in the valve cover, a larger turbo, and VTC on the intake cam. Either one will fit into either chassis. Whatever engine you have you must have the correct harness and ECU. All the sensors must match as well.

Nissan SR20DET vs SR20VE: Which One is Better? - Dust Runners ...

Where the SR20DE was used in a bunch of different vehicles, the SR20DET was in the S13, S14, S15, Pulsar GTI-R, Sunny GTI-R, Bluebird, Liberty, and Avenir which is a station wagon type thing. The SR20VE was only used in the Primera, Bluebird, and Wingroad. ... Red top and blacktop (also referred to as "flat-top") don't use any kind of VVT ...

black top vs red top - Car Forums and Automotive Chat

01-04-2007, 02:02 AM. S13 red tops: 91-94. S13 black tops: Late 94-98. S14 notch tops: 95-98. S15 notch tops: 99-01. the s13 blktop and redtop both have same horse power, rated at 205, but the internals are said to be a little stronger in blktops but i could be mistaken. neither has VVT. s14 is rated at 225hp with vvt.